Feb 2012

Cat Nap print.... looking forward to its arrival!
It's coming up to my 50th birthday and ten years ago for my 40th my husband asked you to paint a Leopard. It has taken pride of place over the fireplace ever since and I still love it as much now as I did then....... your work is amazing.  From memory I think you'd already done cat nap and I really admired it then, so when I searched for your website last night and saw that the print was available it was my opportunity to snap it up.
...will be keeping an eye on your website from now on for any more gems I can't resist. 


Jan 2012

.....the prints arrived safely today thankyou. I see a lot of wildlife artwork and I have to say yours really are some of the best around...

Mr B.

July 2011

Just thought I'd let you know that 'Winter Thaw' is now happily hanging
from the chimney breast where I can look at it whenever I fancy :O)...


June 2011

Hello Carl,

Just wanted to get in touch, I wandered round the NEWA exhibition last night in awe of the quality and standard on display - my aunt died recently and left me some money in her will so I had every intention of purchasing something that leapt of the wall and slapped me around the head - and I'm so happy to say that your painting "Winter Thaw" did it for me.
My initial thoughts were - oh wow - how the hell do you get ice and thawing ice to look so bloody realistic on a flat canvas - I am in awe - so thank you so much for taking the time to create something so atmospheric and I am really looking forward to the exhibition finishing so I can rescue my painting and get it up on the wall in my house where it belongs!
Fantastic work


Jan 2011

Hi Carl,

Just wanted to let you know that the paintings and print have arrived safely today. They looked amazing on your website and in your photos but they're truly exceptional! I am delighted with them all. Thank you so much for all the trouble you have gone to for me – it is much appreciated.


July 2010

Rare Encounter has arrived and it is even more stunning than I could have imagined.....Susan

Sep 2009

......We think your work looks amazing. You may have single-handedly jolted airbrushing out of the realms of motorcycle helmets and vans in the minds of UK people!

Lynn Parr (Editor Artists and Illustrators Magazine)

Aug 2009 NEWA exhibition

Dear Carl

I visited the above venue on Sunday and was amazed at how wonderful your pictures are – I must have worn them out keep going back and looking at them!

Just had to let you know how special and beautiful your pictures are.

You never know I’m might be contacting you soon with a commission :o)

Thanks very much for letting everyone (me) see your work!


May 2009

Hi Carl
What can I say except WOW! I knew you could do it! Fantastic likeness to Hudson (actually better than the photo portrayed him) and the water effect looks fantastic.............Janet

Jan 2009


When she saw the painting Julie just stalled, stared at it in complete incredulity then started crying... It was a magical moment. When she regained her composure she was overjoyed (and still not terribly coherent) and said that the likeness is superb and was astounded by the detail.  Since taking it home and having it hung immediately her whole family have been amazingly impressed and she sent us a wonderful thank you card.  So, a complete success, thank you so very much - you do have a remarkable talent.

Best wishes
Helen x



"My wife and I were astonished with the portrait........My wife cried when she saw it.......An extremely gifted artist........We would recommend you to anyone"

Steve & Ali Hartley


Hi Carl

Just to let you know the painting went down as a huge success. Sarah cried (as predicted) and Rob was totally gobsmacked. I was really hoping it would get the response it did, as my fears whenever geting a portrait commissioned is whether it will be exactly like the subject, or whether it will just have a resemblance to the subject. Seeing Rob and Sarah's faces when I presented it was testament to your undoubted talent.

To quote Sarah " I know they (the greyhounds) were not photographed holding the positions they are in the painting, but it is just like having them both here"

Many thanks for doing a great job. There were quite a few enquiries as to where the painting was from, so you may get a couple of phone calls.

Thanks again


I was astonished with the results of the painting you did of my niece's horse for her 21st birthday, but this didn't prepare me for my her reaction - her tears of joy flowed when she opened the gift "it is like he is in the room" It's now positioned pride of place on the fireplace wall keeping an eye on everyone. I would recommend your work to anyone and have done so.



........the painting had an amazing impact which was emotionally received by the recipient.......Thank you


Elvis Presley isn't just in the building he is watching over us all in my house. The Elvis painting is so true to life its unbelievable, it's the best Elvis painting I have ever seen, 10/10. I intend to commission you for other paintings in the near future.....CS